Easter Liturgy Analysis

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In the Mt St Michaels (MSM) Easter Liturgy there were many of the five types of ritual (Refer to appendix? : Five types of Ritual) reflected however some types were more evident than others. The Rite of Communication or Devotion was clearly evident in the MSM liturgy as there was clear communication and devotion in the ritual, especially which highlighted the obligation of Christians to follow and be devoted to the examples set by Jesus. The rite of demarcation was also significantly evident in the ritual as it the Easter Liturgy was marking a specifically important part in time and the participants transitioned between two seasons from Lent to Easter. Finally, the Rites of Memorial was apparent in the liturgy as the participants were required …show more content…
- Welcome to country which welcomes visitors to their traditional land.
- Opening prayer which formally allowed the participants to leave the ordinary and to enter the religious space and to connect with God.
Preparation - Drama performance which conveyed the story leading up to and after Jesus’ crucifixion and ultimately Jesus’ resurrection (Matthew 26:36-46, Matthew 27)
- The purpose of the performance was to allow the audience to visualise and connect with the significant events of the Easter Story and it prepares them about the focus of the Liturgy – which was the events on Good Friday until Easter Sunday.
Climax - Gospel reading (John 20: 19-23, 30-31) which highlights when Jesus appeared to his disciples after resurrecting. The reflection of the key events of the Passion and the messages of peace and joy are clearly expressed in the Gospel reading which is the central theme of the
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This colour was used throughout the liturgy as decorations and costume. The colour purple directly relates to the Bible Mark 15:16-20 when the purple robe was placed on Jesus “the King of the Jews’”. Purple reminds the audience of Jesus’ pain and suffering when he was mocked and beaten after a purple robe was placed on him before he was crucified.
Colour White
- White is the colour of purity, grace and resurrection and was worn by the dancers in the Liturgical movement. This colour relates to the belief that Jesus was “raised from the dead through the glory of the Father” (Romans 6:4) and with Jesus we may too live a new life.
The Paschal Candle The paschal candle represents the light of Christ coming into the world and the risen Christ as a symbol of light (life) dispelling darkness. The Paschal candle used in the Liturgy also had the MSM symbols printed on it which represents Christ bring light and life to the college and his power to dispel all darkness in the MSM community. The Paschal candle related to the doctrinal dimension of Christianity as it reflects the core Christian values such as life and light which Christ

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