Church Observation Paper

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One the morning of Wednesday October 5, 2016 I attended a catholic mass in St. Brigids Parish in Amherst, Ma, just a few minutes off from the UMass Amherst Campus. This Parish stands with a lot ground, tall and massive. Is very distinctive from the building around, it’s built almost entirely of bricks for the outside and its architecture is complemented the massive windows. This ritual took place at 8:00 in the morning. The people who attended this service were few. There was around twelve people, including myself. The population of attendees were mainly senior citizens, I being the youngest one. A follow student was also present in observance of this ritual. Giving the time of the day, and day of the week, I can only infer that the followers of this religion that attended this ritual were either really devoted, or were in a stage in their life where they could make time for it.
The service begin promptly at 8:02 am. The church bells were rung at eight o clock. It begging by the entering of priest, who wore distinctive clothes from the parishioners. He enter from the front of the church, rather than the back. His attire was long and in layers, his top one being entirely
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There was a pleasant feeling of just being able to walk in and being part of it. No questions, no prerequisite. It was great to feel anonymous yet be part of it all. The peaceful and solemn ambient, allowed me to think of the spiritual, of the unknown. Not just religiosity, but of the things that we can feel but not touch. But this was also contrasted by a certain emptiness. I felt like a grain of in this mighty place, with nothing to fill me, and questioning if this was really something that nourished the soul or would have any purpose in one lives. I begging to ask myself why do people believe, specially the belief that one religion is more authentic than the other. Was this a way to cope with the reality of what is the human condition or was it something

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