Third Day God Created The Open Tomb Speech Analysis

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The speech I attended, was given at Chancellor Reformed Church in Chancellor, South Dakota. It was during the morning of April 17th and given by Reverend Randy Blumer. The purpose of the speech was to inform the audience of the good news of Jesus Christ. The speaker’s goal was to remember, celebrate, and believe the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He accomplished his goal by using examples, Bible verses, and reasoning. In the beginning of his sermon, Pastor Randy used a story of a little kid in Sunday School to get the audience’s attention. He told of the story that the young kid was being asked questions on the days of creation. When the teacher asked about the third day, the kid answered: “on the third day God created the open tomb”. This story of a kid getting mixed up in his Bible accounts was used very effectively to get the audience’s …show more content…
Pastor Randy was very personal and engaging with his sermon. He had the audience read versus of the passage from the Bible with him to keep them engaged. He also told the audience to repeat lines or verses with him. These things really kept the speech interesting. The speech was also very convincing with the use of the Bible verses and the acronym. He referenced the passage many times in the speech and went through the acronym multiple times to allow the audience to understand it better. The elements of speeches were also used effectively in the sermon. Pastor Randy had a good tone of voice and rate throughout his speech. He was able to change both his volume and speed of speech to keep the audience’s attention. He also used gestures and movement a great deal throughout the speech. While he didn’t use the podium much, he had a large speaking space and went back and forth throughout the sermon. He also used many hand gestures to get across the points he was trying to make. Examples of his hand gestures was showing how Thomas would feel Jesus’s wounds on his hands and

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