Dave Berry 's Batting Clean Up And Striking Out Essay

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Sports and Dirt In his essay “Batting Clean-Up and Striking Out”, Dave Berry, Focuses on the differences between men and women. He makes assertions about the differences when it comes to dirt and sports. He focuses on this because he believes these are the primary differences. From Personal Experience I would agree hat dirt and sports are examples of differences between the sexes, but Berry misses the point, These are not the major differences between men and women. Dave Berry starts by writing, “The primary difference between men and women is that women can see extremely small quantities of dirt”(220). He says this beacsue his wife complains about dirt, but Dave doesn’t seem to mind it. Dave is unbothered by such a tiny amount of dirt unlike his wife that can see “dirt to the level of molecules”(220). Dave even goes on to argue that women develop a trait that allows them to see the dirt. It makes more sense to say that women generally have a greater attention to detail than men. That’s the reason why Dave had o clean his son’s restroom twice. The first time was unsuccessful because his wife inspects the restroom and asks him to hurry and get it done. Not realizing he had done it once his wife began to point out that there was dirt everywhere. Dave was in disbelief because he had just done the job and he had not seen any dirt so he thought his wife was making it up. In reality it showed how his wife noticed the dirt and Dave simply didn’t pay enough attention to detail.…

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