Dancing Lessons At The Riverside Theatre Essay

773 Words Apr 25th, 2016 4 Pages
This past weekend I took the opportunity by going to a play near me in Iowa City called Dancing Lessons. This play was shown at the Riverside Theatre. I’ve been to this theatre before, seeing Line of Descent when my teacher was one of the main roles. The first time I went to this theatre, I actually really enjoyed the feel of the theatre on how small it was. It had a good vibe for me right away, so I was excited to go back. When I first heard about this play, I didn’t think it was an actual show. I thought it really had something to do with dancing and someone instructing it to people, but then I thought to myself, why would I pay money to go see other people get dancing instructions? So, I was definitely intrigued even before I saw the play. I had never heard of this play before which I don’t really like, but I read a quick summary on what the main details were and it made a lot of sense. The day I went to see to the show, the theatre was packed. It happened to be the last showing of it, so every seat in the theatre was taken. As I entered the theatre, I love how the stage is setup at this place. It feels like you are actually in the room with the directors that are on stage, so I enjoyed that a lot. I could tell that this show was going to have alcohol in it because the first thing I noticed was that it had Amsterdam Vodka and Jack Daniels on the living room table. I don’t know why I saw it first, it just happened to be right in the middle of the stage. The play was…

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