Dance: My Essay And Different Aspects Of Dance

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There are many different genres and styles of dance, each with their own unique attributes. Where one is fluid and graceful, others are sharp and aggressive. I have a great appreciation of every form of dance, whether it is contemporary, hip hop, or a religious or cultural dance. Although I have personal experience in many styles, as well as years on a drill team and work with a semi professional ballet company, I always find my heart and personal passion lies with ballet.
My dreams all began while watching the Houston Ballet’s rendition of The Nutcracker for the first time. Watching the long elegant lines of ballerinas on stage when I was little made me want to grow and learn to move like them. When I first started dancing I was like any 3-year-old girl, I wanted to become a ballerina. Where I and all those other girls differ is that my dream stuck. During my younger years at my first studio, I watched my instructors and the older girls
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Ballet, more often than not, is considered as a form of elegant entertainment, seen as something to be watched not danced. Anybody can appreciate a ballet from an audience, but it takes a choice few to put in the right training to make it up onto that stage. Not many young dancers these days go to class ecstatic about barre work or a nice slow adagio. As for me, I have a strong affinity for the structured nature of ballet. It is very pleasing to me that there is always a proper time and place for every movement. In my more recent years, I have given private lessons and taught small classes of ballet at my old studio. Trying to make it more entertaining for the younger ones, I would mix up a class or two. I taught them variations I had learned from the Nutcracker, and let them take turns performing. This gave them a small taste of the joy I feel when I dance

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