Cyberbullying: A Social Injustice

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A freshman in high-school, Hannah Smith, hung herself after being bullied on ask.FM, a famous site that allows anonymous participation. She received many cruel taunts and insults about her weight, and was threatened to drink bleach and cut herself. After her death, Hannah's father found a note that read, “ As I sit here day by day I wonder if it's going to get better. I want to die, I want to be free, I can't live like this anymore, I'm not happy”(Real life stories). Cyberbullying is a social injustice because it deeply affects the life of many innocent people. It makes people feel worthless, and alone. Sometimes it could bring down one’s self esteem to the point of feeling suicidal. Cyber Bullying also affects one’s education and school attendance. …show more content…
“People should never feel like they're worthless or hopeless. But, that's exactly how people feel when they are cyberbullied. It lowers their self esteem to the point of making them feel ignominious and alone”(Hedtke). It also affects their education levels, and school attendance. Although many people don't think much of cyberbullying, It's still present in our society. Young children experience others trying to make themselves feel like there nothing in this world, and don't accept people for themselves. which makes people start degrading themselves. They constantly try to make themselves feel worse, which then results in their self esteem decreasing. For example, “Kenneth Weishuhn, a gay high school freshman from Iowa, took his own life after being bullied by his classmates at school and online, and death threats on the phone”(Real life stories). This example shows just how much of an effect bullying has on people. It also shows how insensitive and hateful people can be. Also many children going through cyber bullying, often also feel unsafe on school grounds. “More than 15,000 students did not go to school because they felt unsafe, Over 7% were threatened or injured with a weapons on school grounds”("The Educational Impact of Bullying and Cyberbullying). This shows the abundant amount of people feeling unsafe because of cyberbullying. School should be a safe and welcoming nurturing environment, but 15,000 people not going to school is unacceptable. Overall cyberbullying has an affect not only on the victim's personal life, but also their school performance. Most of the times cyberbullying goes unnoticed, but that has changed immensely throughout the years. New laws were made and enforced, and more schools made more consequences about

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