Cyberbullying Among Students

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Cyber Bullying among students Cyber bullying, which served as a serious form of misbehavior among youth, is a problem that threaten the well-being of students across the world. Numerous students have been lost or psychologically destroyed due to this aggressive phenomenon(Aleem 976-980). To protect students, cyber bullying should be a criminal, punishable offense. And individuals should be aware of how to protect themselves. And more specific law should be set up against cyberbullying.
Cyberbullying refers to the use of modern tools to intentionally inflict harm on an individual or group, especially among students. It can be overt or covert bullying behaviors using digital technologies, including hardware such as computers and
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Cyber bullying — A Current Urgent Issue
According to Zachary J. Peter’s research on New York city high school, students who report being e-bullied are more likely also to report PRV (Physical Relationship Violence) than students who have not been bullied or e-bullied, and also are also not good at their study. (Zachary 49-75) In addition, another research shows that there are increasing rate of students who commit suicide after being cyberbullied. (Hitchcock 19-25)
As we know, school is the center of students’ lives. Online harassment may take place on nights and at home, but the fallout is often seen at school and can interfere with the educational environment. In the worst case, students are so worried about cyberbullying that they can’t focus on their studies or are afraid to come to school. It has become a school climate and safety issue. Cyber bullying should be treated as a current urgent issue
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 Tips for Parents and educators: As teachers and parents recognize the demands for increased use of technology among young children, they should be able to identify and address the challenges associated with such exposure. Here are some things they can do to help to protect their kids or students from being e-bullied.
• Teach their kids or students that all forms of bullying are unacceptable. Let their kids or students know the negative effect about the cyberbullying.
• Teach them to use internet properly and protect their personal information in a good way.
• Pay more attention to their kids of students when there are some usual signs
Cyber bullying has not only negative effect on educational quality, but also on students’ health. As a matter of fact, cyber bullying should be a criminal, punishable offense. Individuals should be aware of how to protect themselves. Parents, educators should pay more attention to students’ daily reaction. Adolescent health and social service providers, and governments need to have more policies accomplished to protect students’

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