Cyber Bullying Persuasive Essay

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"Cyberbullying is a prevalent issue on social media. On the internet, the barriers of face-to-face communication are lifted. With the internet, leaving a comment is only a few keystrokes away. These comments could be positive or negative. Although cyberbullying is a problem sweeping the nation, schools should not be able to keep tabs on their student’s social media accounts.
The number of students engaging in online bullying is smaller than the population of the school. It would cause unnecessary spending of taxpayer funds to be spent on staff to oversee these accounts. The login information would also have to be kept in a database, which could be hacked at anytime. This could leave thousands of vulnerable high school students in a precarious position. If a hacker decided to log in and take information or alter the student’s posts, they could be victims of identity theft or have their image ruined.
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Unfortunately, text on paper or online is often read out of context. Each comment on social media tends to be read and interpreted in a serious tone. A monitor may perceive a sarcastic joke comment between friends as cyberbullying, when the friends both realise it is humor. This could mean a student could be punished or reprimanded for something that would not have been qualified as cyberbullying with context.
The initial response of some rebellious students may be to ‘test the system’, or leave rude or hateful comments on other student’s pages to see if they get punished. The establishment of this program may cause an initial rise in (disingenuous) cyberbullying. Although the students leaving the comments do not truly mean any harm, the students receiving the distasteful comments could be genuinely hurt or upset by these unnecessary

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