Social Media Monitoring

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Many schools are looking into social media monitoring. There is a debate on if this is beneficial to the school system or invading student’s privacy. We already know that cyberbullying is in effect and is in too many schools in our area. When they decide to post hateful content online is there really anything being done to address these problems? That is why we propose that Licking County administrators should be able to monitor students to reduce activities like these. With teachers being able to keep a close eye on what the students are saying online it will allow them to stop bullying situations before they get out of hand. The monitoring will help create a safe environment for kids at school and online. Many people will want to object to monitoring. We must think of what is more important, the student’s privacy or the student 's safety.
The Problem
The problem is that cyberbullying is affecting many lives of our younger generation. With technology advancing everyday and new kinds of social media coming out it is making it easier for bullies to harass people online. Therefore making it harder for the victims to get away from the harassment
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Our organization is called, Licking County Against Cyberbullying or LCAC for short. Our proposed solution is to create an administration position that will monitor social media for cyberbullying. This will help reduce the amount of cyberbullying in schools and be able to stop a situation before it gets out of hand. This job position will have access to all of the student’s public accounts for monitoring. Students think that they can get away with bullying if they do it through social media as stated in Cyber Bullying Facts (2013), “81% of young people think bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person.” (para.1) With having this position it will create a safer environment for students inside and outside of

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