Social Media In Schools Essay

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Social media was created for the ability to use the internet and to be able to share, connect, and communicate instantly with others even those great distances away. Today social media has been taken completely to another level, different from the original intention in the making of social media. Social media has turned into a site where people are using it to bully others for reasons society can not figure out. Social media has also turned into a place where students are talking about having weapons in their possession and even bringing them to school. It has gotten way out of hand so that schools and the government want to be able to monitor social media and everything that is being posted, from pictures to conversations. The curve that social …show more content…
Schools are wanting to monitor the social media of their students today to be able to get to the bottom of the cyber bullying on social media. The idea of having students social media monitored is raising a big question on whether or not schools have a right to do that. Some schools for example, the Huntsville Alabama School System have already been monitoring students social media. Ever since they started doing, it fourteen students have been expelled due to tips from students, staff members, and parents to check out their social media. Monitoring of students social media can be helpful if it is done in the right way like the Huntsville Alabama Huntsville School System did. They had other users of social media let someone else know if there was something being said on social media that was harmful or a threat. No one was essentially monitoring it except for others who had an account for social media. The way that schools should monitor social media is having the students, teachers, or even parents who have account for social media be on the lookout for things that might be a threat, harmful to others, or someone talking about suicide. The monitoring of social media might not sound all that reasonable, but in the end schools might be able to see that monitoring their students social media really made a difference in the number of those who are being cyber

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