Persuasive Essay About Cyberbullying

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The rise in technology in this era brought both benefits and problems to the world. One of the problems society is facing right now is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is the act of bullying that occurs online. Cyberbullying has a very broad definition which leads to many people misinterpreting it and giving it their own definition. The misinterpretation of the term makes it appear much worse than it actually is and causes society to worry and be unnecessarily cautious. Cyberbullying is an over-exaggerated issue that is created by inaccurate statistics and the distorted publicizing of horrific cases, that are normalizing the occurrence of cyberbullying and taking the attention away from the bigger problem that is traditional bullying.

There are a few cases where victims that are cyberbullied end their lives by means of suicide. When the media gets wind of stories like this they are quick to make it look like the sole cause of the victim’s suicide was the cyberbullying. However, this presumption is wrong, children do not end their lives because of a few mean comments online. Suicide is usually caused by untreated depression. Many people decide to take their own lives because their depression keeps on getting worse as several negative life experiences build upon each
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But it has been blown out of proportion by the inaccurate use of statistics and watered down definitions. The media publicizing the suicidal cases of cyberbullying is not helping anyone, but rather showing other cyberbullying victims that there is an easy way out. The unnecessary awareness that is being implemented by different groups is also doing more harm than good as it is taking away the attention from more pressing problems like traditional bullying. Society’s response to cyberbullying has been a big overreaction and there are multiple data that shows the perception does not match the threat people believe is

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