The Negative Influence Of Young Children On The Internet

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In this day and age, a young person depends highly on social media for entertainment. It 's obvious that teenagers spend a lot of time utilizing their social media accounts, but they are not the only ones. There are many younger children who have access to the Internet and Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many other social sites. But, there are many possible dangers for young children on the Internet or on social media. Children younger than high school age should not have online profiles or access to the Internet without parental supervision, because they are not mature enough to make good and safe decisions. Whether it 's because of cyber bullying, viewing or posting inappropriate content, or sharing personal information, young children can get into big trouble online.
Because of online profiles, cyberbullying is unfortunately a big issue in the teen and adolescent world today. According to, 10% to 20% of adolescents on social media experience cyberbullying regularly. Most children who are bullied online keep that information from their parents. Without parental supervision or involvement, young people can develop serious problems with online bullying and will continue allowing it to happen. However,
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Without parental control and involvement, teens and adolescents can get into big trouble on the Internet or social media sites. Parents need to be responsible for their children and monitor them and care for their well being. Part of a child’s well-being is staying safe and away from harm on the internet. And parents play a huge role in that! A parent can have more influence than almost anyone in a young child’s life and their influence is a major one for their child. If your child is going to have a social media account, then you, as a parent, have the responsibility and the duty to monitor that and to make sure that your child is safe

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