Bully: The Parent's Role In Preventing Cyberbullying

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bully. Getting the website involved and having them look out for cyber bullying is an effective way of controlling cyber harassment.
The parents also need to participate in helping their child to overcome social media bullying. In the article The Parent’s Role in Preventing Cyberbullying, Sameer Hinduja and Justin Patchin stated “Conveying to them that you will patiently listen to their problem or situation and respond in a non judgemental and responsible manner is essential in cultivating and preserving an open line of communication.” The parents of the victim need to assure the child that it is alright to talk about cyber bullying and give the child reassurance that they will not punish them for being harassed online. Once the child becomes
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An important football game was on the horizon, and one student made a negative comment regarding a player on the other team. Another student from Madera saw the comment then made a comment towards that same person. Eventually, many students from Madera had commented about that one person. Every person who posted a comment about the football was guilty of online harassment through the use of digital pile on. Although a student may have only posted a single comment, they are guilty of online harassment because they took part in a chain reaction and caused others to add comments. This is a prime example of how a single comment can start a reaction which will then escalate into a huge problem. When one person makes a comment, other harassers will pitch in. From a disciplinary standpoint, the one who made a single comment will be accountable for following comments due to them starting a chain reaction and causing more acts of harassment. These cyber bullies may try to delete the harsh messages, yet their digital footprint remains forever visible and attainable. Once a person hits send or posts to a social media site, it will remain present on the internet and accessible for people to view. This information is easily obtainable by the authorities and can be used as evidence against cyber bullies. To fight against online harassers, a defined process for disciplinary action set by the school district …show more content…
There is a zero tolerance policy for cyber bullying, meaning any act of online harassment or bullying committed will face some disciplinary action. The disciplinary process is only applicable if the bully is within the same school district as the victim. The cyber harassment must also affect the student’s academic success in some way in order for the school district to intervene. The first step in the disciplinary process relies on the school district. In the school district, a specialized board of officials will get presented with a possible cyber bullying case. The officials will receive a summary of the case along will potential evidence of the act. Some of the evidence, such as text messages, can only be obtained by the school if the parents voluntarily give permission for the school district to view them. Other sources of evidence, such as Facebook and twitter, is public and therefore obtainable by the school district with or without permission. They then have to have a unanimous decision to declare the situation as a case of cyber bullying. Once the case has been agreed upon to be cyber bullying, the school district, then refers to the newly implemented code of conduct to determine an appropriate

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