Cyber Bullying And Social Media

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Have you ever been a witness of or seen cyber bullying occur on social media? Cyber bullying happens every day through the progressive use of social networking. Seventy percent of young people are victims of cyber bullying. When tees participate in social networking its considered one of the main attributes causing cyber bullying. Cyber bullying via social networking has become part of the school environment; to counteract this problem schools need to involve local police departments, provide education on this issue, and imply effective prevention methods. Bully prevention in the United States have been around for many years however cyber bullying has occurred rapidly through the more recent years due to the advancement in technology. Cyber …show more content…
Most people believe cyber bullying is worse than face to face bullying because the cyber bully can hide behind technology. “Because abusers may lack face to face contact with the individual being persecuted, they may not know the level of duress and that is produced by their misconduct” (Strom 36). This is bad because if people don’t know how to communicate towards other people without technology they will lack many qualities during their childhood life. “Therefore they are unlikely to experience feeling of regret, sympathy or compassion toward the victim” (Storm 36). Bullies lead to cyber bullying because the school can figure out who is bullying who and where, as cyber bullying you can’t figure who is doing it. “Bullies at school usually are identified easily by mistreated individual’s cyber bullies typically to tract. Consequently they can avoid responsibility for their misconduct, thereby reducing the fear of getting caught and being punished” (Strom 36). Teenagers don’t feel comfortable going to their parents about them being bullied because it shows a sign of immaturity. “Many teenagers are unwilling to risk having their parents choose such extreme forms of protections because without technology tools, they would feel socially isolated and less able to stay in immediate contact with their friends” (Strom 36). Cyber bullying is worse than face to face bullying because of the increase in

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