Customer Strategy For An Airline Essay

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Customers are one the fundamental concerns of an airline’s business, as they are the primary source of revenue. Most airlines have adopted customer-focused strategies in which they deliver customer service based on their target segment’s needs and wants. An airline can apply a customer centric strategy though various ways including: through the development of the organisational culture, using the Customer Relationship Management framework, by diving consumers into segments and targeting those segments by adequate positioning. Market segmentation sets the basis for the pricing structure, the promotional efforts and the competitive strategy of an airline. It helps the airline to evaluate its target market and consequently develop strategies to maximise revenue.

In the dynamic and highly competitive environment the aviation industry, airlines are increasingly concerned with developing and implementing strategies to focus on the customer’s needs and wants. An airline that is customer focused aims to analyse customer related behaviour (Doganis, 2001). Ideally, the airline creates and delivers services that are appealing to their target consumer market. For example, in the context of Singapore Airlines being customer focused encompasses the following: innovating based on consumer preferences and creating a concern in the employees mind for delivering high quality customer service (Heracleous & Wirtz, 2004). Therefore, a customer centric airline is one that is greatly concerned…

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