Customer Service Mindset

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Bringing Out a Customer Service Mindset in Your Staff
Coaching a team of any size to deliver exceptional customer service can be accomplished by focusing on three concepts. These concepts are culture building, training, and team appreciation.

Build a company culture that has a customer service mindset as the first priority. Hire friendly people. Demonstrate great customer service and accept no less from any of your team leaders or crew members. Discuss what makes good customer service as part of the day to day team talk. Celebrate success. Find creative ways to reward great customer service. An award can be given for the best customer service each month. Employees can also be honored by allowing them to share their ideas about customer service
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If you want your team to take exceptional care of your customers, take exceptional care of your team. Make sure their needs are met. Happy employees will deliver much better customer service that disgruntled employees every time.

Paying fair wages is just the start. When you have developed a crew that gives top notch customer service, others will notice. Pay them enough that they are not hired away easily. Know the prevailing pay scale in your industry and region. Make sure your top performers want to keep waiting on your customers.

Building morale involves much more than pay. Team members need to know that their work is appreciated and is relevant. Know and be responsive to your team and their needs. Find reasons to sincerely show appreciation for the efforts of each member of the team regularly. Thanking an employee at the end of each shift is a great place to start.

The experience of providing excellent customer service is a reward unto itself. Team members that excel in customer service will have acquired the mindset training needed for great success in many areas of life. We experience success when we help others succeed. Focus on the concepts of building a customer service based company culture, training and team member appreciation. Watch your team begin to deliver amazing customer

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