Essay on Customer Service Department Of Bank Of America

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Bank of America
The customer service department of Bank of America has one of the lowest ratings in banking customer service and has for several years. The main complaints are with the customer phone service, but many customers also complain of unnecessary account fees. As an I/O consultant for the Bank of America, I will do a needs assessment to determine if training can resolve the customer service issues. The purpose of a training needs analysis (TNA) is to evaluate the organization’s training needs. The TNA is the first step in any training and development intervention. According to Narasimhan, & Ramanarayanan (2014):
Every banker understands the importance of training programs. Training contributes quite a huge part to the growth of a bank. Banks use training to improve the ability of their employees for customer satisfaction as a primary goal. But training without its corresponding analysis is still deemed useless. Therefore, training needs assessment is used to determine whether training is the right solution to a workplace problem.

The interview questions selected examine the three components of the needs assessment process. The first set of questions are interested in the organizational analysis aspect of the training needs analysis. According to Raymond Noe (2016), the questions are:
1.) How might the training content impact our employees’ relationship with our customers?
2.) What do we need from managers and peers for this training to succeed?
3.) Will…

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