Essay about Customer Service And Sales Scenarios

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It is essential for potential business partners to have a good understanding on how to create and keep up business associations. Trust and business mastery both assume roles in developing B2B relationships. Trust is the constant in great business relationships. when trust grows, communication becomes more effective. This prompts better collaboration and better solutions. This is true particularly in customer service and sales scenarios. Since majority of customers and potential clients won 't take their business from to somebody they don 't trust. Maintaining the trust of customers is fundamental for maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Dependability In business, dependability equals trust. Per (Prahalad, 2011) “dependability very much about the quality of a firm’s conduct, both internally and externally”. Schmidt needs to Demonstrate that you can be trusted to follow through on your promises. Do what you say you will, when you say you will, and how you say you will. If Schmidt can demonstrate that they can and will consistently play their part, will go a long way in regaining the business of the Doctors General Hospital. In the case of Schmidt, they must demonstrate Dependability by doing their best as to reach the highest standards of performance.
They should make their product readily Available to the Doctors General Hospital. This helps build trust. Trust is essential to productive relationships, especially in this case. From what I have learned so far,…

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