Essay about Customer Relationship Management ( Crm )

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

TiER1 Performance Solutions helps companies improve their performance by improving the performance of their people. The business model of TiER1 is very customer centric. They work hands on with their customers to understand the elements that prevent a company from being successful and find ways to correct those issues.

The challenges that face most companies are usually derived from the people or performance of people within an organization. TiER1 has immense expertise and knowledge in learning, strategic change, and organizational effectiveness that help companies implement and manage change initiatives. Because TiER1 works so closely with their customers to learn all aspects of their business, there is a wealth of information sharing. This information is brought back to TiER1 and shared across all departments so that individualized recommendations can be made for customers. When dealing with incoming data from customers/clients of this caliber, it’s imperative that TiER1 be able to manage the information properly. As a result of this need, TiER1 has recently implemented a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

CRM is building and maintaining profitable long-term customer relationships and is typically associated with automated transactions and communication applications. Increased automated interactions will lead more organizations to find they must continue to identify and develop new value for customer…

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