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People unfamiliar with customer relationship management software (CRM) often see it is a bloated, online telephone book. Those managers familiar with CRM, however, understand that it offers many features to guide a home improvement company to get more done in less time - complete projects faster and more efficiently, and positively affect the bottom line. A comprehensive CRM system improves the whole business by improving each of its parts, and how they work together.

We realize that a seamless computerized system is a far cry from the way many home improvement companies currently do business. For that reason, we set out to discover the pain points felt by these companies to help us build a solution that is easy to use and handles all the
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Often, businesses use in-house marketing, referrals and third-party operations to funnel leads to them, so having the ability to nurture these leads and turn them into sales down the road is important. For many home improvement companies, realizing a good path to convert leads into sales and create long-term, raving customers that give great reviews online and refer their friends is a very real need.

For marketing, we see the need for a combination marketing, sales and management tool to make the processes seamless.
Sales professionals have the sometimes difficult task of getting prospects on the telephone, and getting an appointment, which many times is a long, frustrating and drawn-out process in itself. We’ve seen sales people’s desks littered with sticky notes and chicken scratch on the backs of envelopes, and if they can’t get that person on the phone within a few days, or before they lose that sticky note, in the circular file that contact information goes. That can be a huge mistake, as they are likely throwing away lots of
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A company might have stacks of mail, a backlog of voicemails to tackle and address, text messages and an overflowing inbox.

Files and documents are often a big deal for contractors. From photographs to contracts and other documents, contractors have lots of paperwork to deal with and organize. Many contractors have these things strung across many different desktop computers or hidden away in emails.

Tracking all of these different types of documentation communications in one centralized location is a very real need for contractors.

Support requests, as well, come in through multiple communications channels. There might be a voicemail on the company’s general mailbox, or an email to the salesman they dealt with to initiate the need for support or service. Where it goes from there is often the difficulty, as they are not typically logged in a centralized location or assigned to a particular person to handle. Far too often, these support requests fall through the cracks and are totally forgotten

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