Customer Relation Management Essay

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Date: 26 August 2014
Assignment Topic: Customer Relationship Management
Student Name : Alicia Yap Siew Kuan
Student ID number: 1006453

Introduction Customer Relationship Management is a business organization that aims to understand and anticipate the customer’s needs and wants by using technology to enhance the company business. Customer Relationship Management is a business strategic that continue to build the long term customer and company profit value by targeting and refining customer needs while reducing cost and increasing profit of the company. The article states how does the Singapore Airlines Company successfully gaining market share and sustaining profit in today’s fiercely competitive and economically demanding
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In term of Customer Relationship Management, Singapore Airlines has become a role model in airline’s service industry. Customer is always the highest priority for them and they constantly focusing on customer needs has helped to retain existing customer and to attract new customer. Singapore Airlines has getting awards for customer’s service consistently. Loyalty programs are playing the most important part in Customer Relationship Management and it’s a marketing efforts to retain consumer by rewarding customer with freebies for encouraging customer to buy the same service or product. Singapore Airlines had a frequent flyer program that named “Kris Flyer”. Passenger who had travelled with Singapore Airlines several of times will get enrollment to join the member of Kris Flyer and a member will earned certain miles whenever they travelling by taking Singapore Airlines. These millage points could be converted into complimentary flights to any destinations. The Kris flyer’s royalty program will help company to retain loyal buying behavior, which is benefited the company potentially. Singapore Airlines provided some of the best food, free flow alcohol and drinks to on board customers with “serves it with smiles”. The air crew are trained to pay special attention to every passengers. Besides, Singapore Airlines also introduces Krisworld, the in-flight entertainment system that provides individual video screens to each

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