Customer Market Segmentation And Organization Essay

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Customer Market Segmentation and Organisation`s target customers.
Organisation divides customers by their age, gender, race and class. They target them by setting some schemes to attract them. Like on time of school holidays they offer school bags, Notebooks, pens on discounted price. As in New Zealand they have different aisles for international products because of diverse culture. They don’t want their Asian customers to go to some other place to buy local products they offer everything under same roof. As of now rugby world cup is going now there are products with different packaging with all blacks signs on anchor milk bottles and Weet-bix.
The organisation definition of quality service.
Countdown is committed to provide customers with choice, value and convenience, so that people can enjoy the best overall shopping experience.
Customer requirements are communicated to staff by employers by social collaboration solution that will bring all the employees on same platform. They can held meetings to communicate customer requirements. Organisation can hire customer relation professional and can conduct seminars.
Quality services can be implemented and monitored by taking feedback from customers, by monitoring customer calls, by looking at the sales of organisation, organisation can check on their staff by sending mystery shoppers to check if the directions given by the organisation are followed if staff is following organisations policy.
Companies invest a lot…

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