How Do Organisations Target Customers

Customer Market Segmentation and Organisation`s target customers.
Organisation divides customers by their age, gender, race and class. They target them by setting some schemes to attract them. Like on time of school holidays they offer school bags, Notebooks, pens on discounted price. As in New Zealand they have different aisles for international products because of diverse culture. They don’t want their Asian customers to go to some other place to buy local products they offer everything under same roof. As of now rugby world cup is going now there are products with different packaging with all blacks signs on anchor milk bottles and Weet-bix.
The organisation definition of quality service.
Countdown is committed to provide customers
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They expect their staff to deliver. They organise work routines to train their staff about their duties and how to meet customer requirements. They set rosters for 8 hours so that they can get best out of their employees. They are allocated certain duties at workplace which they have to perform in given period of time.

If an organisation wants to expand as every organisation wants they have to have a big base of loyal customers who shops at respective company stores. For a customer base you have to provide an exceptional customer service so that customer come back to shop again. Company have to maintain standards for customer service. They take feedback from customers and check whether they are served well what else they expect from a company next time.
Company review their customer service standards time and again. They do this to meet emerging customer requirements. Customers change from time to time. Countdown have to cope with that to sale them some products. Products and services can go out of taste as fashion does after sometime. So countdown have to upgrade their service like opening stores at 6 in the morning or by 24 hours stores. By offering big boxes to pack their
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Countdown takes feedback from customers about their service they have customer service desk within the store. They look at the numbers too to have an idea if customers are happy about their service. They welcomes calls from the customers to hear about the service. They offer one card service to every customer so that customers stay loyal to them. They offer products as one card specials in on discounted prices for weeks and for long.
Countdown take account of account of changing customer requirements and the policy of their competitor. They upgrade their service time and again to attract more customers. Like offering discount of 4c per litre if they spend more than $40 dollars which can be availed at Gull likewise pak n save they offer discount on fuel too at their own fuel filling stations or discount vouchers can be availed at Mobile but fuel price at pak n save pump is higher than the neighbouring fuel pumps. Thereby they partially negate the discount. They review their service by taking feedback from customers and by doing surveys.

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