Curriculum Questions

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Questions about Curriculum:

1. What is curriculum and do we have documents from the school administration that outline essential learning outcomes for each course?
Response: Curriculum refers to the means and materials with which students will interact for the purpose of achieving identified educational outcomes. The curriculum should be designed to meet the educational needs of the students it will serve. When serving on a curriculum committee, educators should be aware of the students’ cognitive, cultural, psychomotor-kinesthetic, and socio-emotional needs. Also curriculum is an essential for furthering student achievement. Further, when we use school districts learning outcomes, it provides the teacher the tools required to control and
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What opportunity will teachers have the to provide ongoing feedback regarding the curriculum?

Response: As a team we want to concentrate on arranging essential instructional goals. For example, student outcome—the knowledge, abilities, states of mind, values, and manners that you need to create in your pupils. Goals, not content, scope or learning procedures, give the reason to educational programs and informative activity. When a team is designing curriculum, they must ensure teachers are giving uninterrupted classroom time during the workday and on early release day to focus on curriculum revision and growth to provide constructive feedback is continuous and provided. 5. Does the military curriculum include skills that prepare military members for college-readiness and the current
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A Joint Services Transcript (JST) served as an official document for military training and experience and obtained from the Department of Defense Joint Service Transcript link on the net. It can serve as a counseling tool for academic and career counselors in advising service members and veterans. The JST provides employers a description of military schooling and employment history in civilian language. It also serves as an aid in developing resumes and explaining military work experience to private employers. The JST can serve as a guide for employers to identify skills and knowledge of military member when hiring or placing them in

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