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Curriculum Review Schedule

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Curriculum review schedules are instrumental in ensuring that school’s program run effectively in accordance to certain set standards. Additionally, they guide administration of resources to various needs in curriculum. Moreover, it is essential in enabling students compete favorably across the globe since it incorporates such changes as technology and global shifts. In this regard, the discussion below will analyze three curriculum reviews for Hermantown Community Schools, Glen Ridge Public Schools and Upper Perkionmen School District. The analysis will look at phases, activities involved and stakeholders.
Analysis of curriculum review sites
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For instance, curriculum committee revises and gives appropriate recommendations that will feature in full implementation. On the other hand, board of education is entrusted with approval of recommendations made. Therefore, as indicated on the three sites, entire stakeholders need to work together to ensure maximum results from curriculum review schedule.

Curriculum Review Schedule

Period Phase name Phase activities
1st year Review, Data Collection and Research Examination of relevant documents, which include curriculum maps, administrators’ reports, performance data and mission/vision statements. Additionally, students’ performance and teachers’ reports about student progress will be analyzed. Moreover, performance targets and institution goals will be evaluated to ensure that curriculum schedules are comprehensive and relevant. Lastly, the stage will focus on most effective technology to be applied in learning.

2nd year Revision The information collected in the first phase will form a core component in revision. As such, the schools targets will be aligned with the district board expectation and teachers’ performance reports. This will ensure that targets are within the appropriate range.
Additionally, data collected from various stakeholders will also form the basis of
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It is important to note that recommendation made will be implemented in the final stage. As such, they must be researched and reviewed prior to implementation. Additionally, revisions in regard to costs and effects must be weighted. Presumably, there must be stakeholders’ participation though reviews. Therefore, placing approvals of recommendations after research, revisions and collecting recommendations improves the quality of changes to be implemented. Hence, all curriculum schedules need to place approvals towards the end to ensure effectiveness of changes made in learning processes. Finally, the findings collected, vouched, revised and approved are implemented. Generally, implementation of curriculum is always placed at the end of the schedule. This is quite important in ensuring that changes made are agreed upon by most stakeholders. Consequently, it ensures there is no change resistance in learning

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