Integration Of Technology In Education

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In my course of study I have come across different perspectives with learning the entirety of the development of knowledge because of the integration of curriculum, the acquiring of new information daily with learning, and scholarly self-discipline. Education is an experience that people continue to encounter throughout their life. It is an engaging activity allowing an individual to grow constantly. The concept of curriculum originated in Latin meaning race course. This word referenced to the course of deeds and experiences which children grow to become mature adults within society. A curriculum is prescriptive, and is based on a general syllabus which merely specifies what topics must be understood and to what level to achieve a particular …show more content…
Teaching is no longer the standard blackboard and chalk, but is the inclusive of everyday technology to inspire students to grow with items such as Smartboards and Edmodo. Reflection requires understanding the nature of reasons and their methods, logic, and justification (Mezirow, 2003, p.61). As a student at Trident University I have been taught the concept of evaluating each theme represented, the importance of the integration of technology as a method to improve an aspect of teaching and help topics become more engaging and interactive for students, along with it being imperative to look at each student individually to be able to pinpoint where they stand and the type of resources or skills they need to acquire to be able to progress within their educational career. Many may think that these approaches are time consuming and could be resolved by simply grouping children in a streamlined manner. While this is true and an easy possibility, an educator may miss that golden opportunity to reach the student on their level and encourage them to blossom. Each child is unique and inherits an individual style of learning. In this process educators are able to open up a world where students can explore learning through a multitude of methods and practices which I find to be important to understand and incorporate in my line of work. Children are capable of adapting their style of learning if we take the time to properly assess and introduce different approaches to ensure their

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