Curriculum Development for Inclusive Practice Essay examples

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Unit 6 Curriculum development for inclusive practice

What do we mean by the word ‘curriculum’? A definition given by John Kerr and quoted by Vic Kelly is 'All the learning which is planned and guided by the school, whether it is carried on in groups or individually, inside or outside the school’. (quoted in Kelly 1983 P10). The idea of curriculum is not exactly a new one; the word itself has its roots in ancient Greek and Latin. But the way it is understood and the way that it has been theorised has altered over the years. There are two key features and four main curriculum models which we will look at now.
We have to stipulate in advance what exactly we are looking to achieve and how we are to achieve it, in other words learning
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At 16 learners have the chance in school or college to study for a higher or advanced diploma, GCSEs or A levels, an Apprenticeship or work-based learning.
As we looked at earlier GCSEs and A levels very often come within the Syllabus model as we are looking at a body of knowledge to be delivered to the student, and it is only concerned with content designed to give the student the information dictated by the examination board to enable them to pass an examination. Whereas the VRQ or NVQ courses taken by my Young Apprentices or the work-based learners come under the model of Product. Here we are concerned with specific outcomes or products measured by the completion of set tasks and tests.
As we can see the two contexts that I teach in merge, as I teach 14 to 19s in a work-base environment, not everything in education is cut and dried. What is the impact of different stakeholders on my area of teaching?
What or who do we mean by ‘stakeholders’? Stakeholders can be any person, group, or organisation that can affect, design and develop the curriculum. This ranges from the Awarding body, the tutor, the students, the students’ parents, the employer, the school board of governors, the list goes on. But what sort of impact can any of these stakeholders have?

The Awarding body, in the case of the subject I teach is the IMI, the Institute of Motor Industry, for example, dictates what they require the students to learn. This is in the form of the scheme of

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