Essay on Current Trends in Business Communication

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Current trends in business communication
Sharon D. Ledford
September 20, 2011
Daniel Smith

Current trends in business communication “As technology is advancing, so is the world of business communication. A long time ago, businesspeople wrote letters to their clients and meetings held in person. Today’s world of business communication has a much different look. Devices such as personal digital -assistant, and teleconferences are meant to increase productivity and means of communicating with customers. E-mails had become a preferred means of communicating to coworkers and your clients.” “Social media networking officially has crossed over from used socially to an important and viable method of customer
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How does it manage daily work?” Business communication plays a “major role in my business day- to -day activities such as checking e-mail and corresponding to any important messages. Sometimes research may be required for our customer inquiries that need additional information. My place of business is forwarding information to our customers increasingly by referring them to the company web sites where pertinent company data can be found in one location. Telecommunication also plays a very important role in my workplace business communication, especially in my workplace sales department. The majority of the work day is spent on the telephone talking to clients. Many times, people in the sales departments are multi-tasking, sending the clients information they requested via e-mail and acquiring a telephone conversation with them.” What trends have I seen in my workplace or previous workplace? We have portable laptops computers, cellphones, “pagers and, wireless Internet connections allowing us to work anywhere at any time, so we have more control over employee schedules. As a result, many more of our employees have chosen to take days off in the middle of the work week, when the golf courses, and the malls are not so crowed, and they decide to work the weekends instead. In addition, technology has made my workplace gain more control over hiring decisions. We also use the microchip that is used

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