Culture Health Practice : Puerto Rico Essay

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Culture Health Practice: Puerto Rico

What is culture? Culture carries a different meaning for different ethnicities. Generally, culture means a set of values, standards, beliefs, art and practices shared by a particular group. Puerto Rico, being the third largest island in the United States, resides 3.548 million citizens with Hispanic/Latino being the primary ethnicity group. Although some people confuse Hispanic/Latino as being two separate ethnicities, they are fairly the same and share same beliefs and practices. Hispanic simply means, Spanish speaker and is derived from Spanish speaking countries such as Puerto Rico, while Latino means people who are from Latin America. With that being said, people that are from Puerto Rico or other Hispaniola islands that speak Spanish are known as Hispanics. When it comes to assessing Hispanic/Latino patients, it is best to know general information such as how they define their ethnicity, religion, acculturation and informal/formal support. Respeto (respect) is very important to the Hispanic/Latino group, so it is best for the health care provider to have general knowledge so they can have an understanding on how to give the proper care.

Caring for Hispanic/Latino Patients

When caring for a Hispanic/Latino patient, aspects to take into considerations are health beliefs/traditions, education, language, social/psychological cultural factors affect physical health and communication. A nurse or physician should…

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