Cultural Diversity, Intercultural Relationships And Communication

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With an evolving global workforce, the ability to adapt to and embrace cultural diversity in the workplace, remains an ongoing challenge necessary to tackle, and an opportunity for organizations to thrive in the market. This field research paper will focus on exploring the issues and the benefits of cultural diversity, intercultural relationships and communication in the workforce. The use of data collection will be used in this paper along with discussion from interviewing a supervisor in a non profit organization. By utilizing specific concepts from lecture content, this paper will provide thorough research of the chosen subject, and describe alternatives to any identified issues.

Often, issues surrounding communication are present within organizations that employ a variety of staff who have different backgrounds and work in distinct roles. Due to diversified roles, interpersonal communication is necessary to ensure productivity and goals are achieved. Organizations that embrace diversity and communication have the ability to benefit from multiple cultures employed in the workplace. However, issues arise and a disconnect develops between workplace effectiveness and goal achievement. To overcome issues within an organization, a problem solving approach is required to address the issue at hand, and implement new strategies to achieve the common goals.

Reflecting on the Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck’s framework, organizations have the opportunity to fully…

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