Workplace Diversity Challenges

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Human Resource Managers are facing a number of challenges in currently, but the main one I feel is most prevalent is the handling of the growing diversity in the workplace. Workplace diversity has exploded in recent decades and statics show that it will continue to grow. It is a subject that companies are taking more seriously due to the large effects that it can have on an organization. Companies are encountering a growing multigenerational (four or more generations of employees) and a growing ethnic workforce (Relating to or characteristic of human group having racial, religious, gender linguistic, and certain other traits in common.)
There is more to workplace diversity then generational and ethnic differences between coworkers. Workplace
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Mangers and leaders must learn to do this and be effective if they want to keep up with the fast changing environment. Management will need training modules that will familiarize them with anti-discrimination law, suggest behavioral changes, and increase cultural awareness and cross-cultural and generational communication.
With these trainings there must a clear understanding between equal employment opportunity, affirmative action and diversity and inclusion. Failure to do this will case the program to be a failure. Management will have to be trained to communicate effectively, being able to break down the cultural and language barriers. Resistance to change is also a matter that management will have to be trained to address. This training should provide knowledge of cultural and generational back-grounds of employees and should contribute to the diversity competency of
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In orders for these solutions to work there must be commitment from ever level of management. When leaders commit to these solutions it will show their employees diversity is of high importance. The organization should also look into making diversity and inclusion a part of their mission statement as well as include the goals and visions into their diversity plan. Policies must also be addressed in the diversity plan, there must be a policies in place to address conflicts that arise from diversity. Diversity and inclusion training as well as diversity promotion are essential tools in the work place. It will improve workplace retention and improve the total quality of the organization. These ideas can be implemented without disturbing the workplace. With a strong leadership team, ongoing training, support from upper management and a strong diversity plan the process can be smooth. Although these solutions are meant to help with the ongoing challenges that managers and leaders face today it is not a “stand-alone” process, there are other factors that must be taking into consideration when including this plan with a even bigger

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