The Importance Of Leadership In Diverse Workplaces

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The CARROT AND STICK approach is the best way to measure any work performance. Carrot is the reward offered to the employees if they work well whereas stick is the chastisement given to them when they are unable to accomplish the given tasks. This concept keeps them motivated towards performing in the superlative customs.
Measuring good performance requires expertise in certain proficiencies. Competencies are measurable and observable designs of expertise, understanding, knowledge, aptitudes and performances etc. that individuals perform in work roles or diverse functions successfully. Communicating:
Each employee working in the organization demands recognition and two way communication so that he gets a chance to express his mindset as well.
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Effective workforce diversity management is a key to global business success (Okoro, 2012). Chasing leadership and in the pursuit of effective businesses and a peaceful work environment, cross-cultural leaders must be talented enough to manage culturally diverse situations efficiently, which is also a capability of cultural intelligence or traditional quotient.
As seen in today’s modifying world, females are seen more and more in managerial and professional positions. Following to this, diverse cultural clusters, existences, ages, and abilities are seen in the workplace with extremely different and unique working conditions. Numerous ranges of people have brought new challenges and advancements in terms of ideas, creativity, techniques, styles and
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In agreement with diverse cultures, numerous cultural groups have different expectations and exertions of leadership styles.
Leadership proficiencies are a golden key that can be used to effectively select and give out excellent leaders in the organizations. But to attain this position and level of success, definite factors such as business strategies and future trends must be planned in an exquisite way and they should be taken into account when creating leadership competencies.
All business approaches are different from one another. Human resource experts should use unique business strategies to drive the use of competencies in developing ravishing leaders. Once effective and unique set of skills have been set and built for the organization’s leaders and management, the firm’s chances to sustain competitive advantages increases.
In such working environments, cultural awareness, global mindsets, interpersonal and intra personal skills and effective relationships between the heads and the subordinates, all lead the ways. Change in the cultures in organizations demand diverse leadership and management

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