The Daoist Theory: How Culture Affects Leadership

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Communication is a significant cultural issue that affects leadership. Culture is the way of life, customs, and script of a group of people (Gudykunst & Ting-Toomey, 1988). Working with a group of people who are multicultural, a leader must understand how to communicate with each individual. There are different styles of communication that people are accustomed to, depending on where they are culturally from. This paper will help to identify the different types of communication styles a leader should display when dealing with employees who have a expectation when it comes to communicating.
Leaders working in a diverse environment must be culturally competent with each employees learning style. In order to effectively lead one must be aware of there own personal biases. Being biased can ruin rapport, relationships and trust from their employees. Understanding ones own preferences is the first step in understanding that other people in other cultures have different preferences. One must understand their own feelings and barriers before they can successful lead motivate or support others. If the leader is not confident in what they are presenting because they have a biases about the person they are talking to, this will effect the
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This means as a leader we must be flexible in our approach, we have to adapt to people because not everyone is the same. The leader may have the same goal and or outcome for each subordinate but the way that is handle is different depending on the purpose. Leaders are at the bottom of the container because they are the foundation to making a team successful. They will pour all of their experiences, teachings and knowledge to their subordinates to help them become

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