Cultural Autobiographical Reflection Essay

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Cultural Autobiographical Reflection

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Cultural Autobiographical Reflection
Cultural Group Membership
The first cultural group that I subscribe to and identify with is the African American culture. Like many, the African culture is represented in many forms such as music, art, storytelling and dance. Cultures exist to satisfy the needs of its subscribers. Through culture, I was taught about food habits, rituals concerning life and death, and how to worship. In many African American households, it is customary to serve black-eyed peas adhering to the belief that dish is a lucky New Year's meal is especially popular in the south.
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According to Edwards (2004), this language is a compilation of American English dialect, most commonly spoken today by urban working-class and largely bi-dialectal middle-class African Americans (p. 383). It shares parts of its grammar with the dialects of the southern region and envelopes many characteristics of African creole dialect. Use of this form of communication varied based on age, gender, eco-status, and setting. There are many literary uses of this variety of English, particularly in African-American culture, through literature, media, and verbal communication.
The second group that I identify with and subscribe to in my beliefs and practices is the New Age subculture. This is a ‘spiritual’ movement that includes, but not limited to practices in holistic health and also adopts complementary and alternative medicine. After being diagnosed with a Thyroid Disease, I tired of the compilation of medications that seemed to bring about little to no improvement of my symptoms. I began reading up on herbs and natural remedies, which eventually lead me to the lifestyle of this subculture. I subscribe to the beliefs in the effects of what we consume. This subculture has distinct beliefs, patterns, and behaviors that may no align with those in mainstream society. I identify with many of the Spiritual laws and look upon humanity as being spiritually interconnected, feeding off of a universal energy.

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