Critical Analysis Of Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day By Josh Rittenberg

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Once I was finished reading essays from NPR’s series “This I Believe” I found that the essay “Tomorrow will be a better day” by Josh Rittenberg to be extremely entertaining whereas some other essays lacked the ability to keep me interested. It managed to maintain my interest while still showing to be a great essay to read and analyze. The reason that I believe this is due to the fact that it does well when it comes to the point of grabbing attention with word choice, the way Rittenberg keeps readers focused, and his ability to paint a detailed picture for the reader.
Rittenberg does extremely well keeping the reader focused and interest by the words he chooses like instead of energy shortage he uses “devastating energy crisis” or instead of
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Painting a picture is important to make a good story as expressed in “The practice of writing” which states “Good stories and strong writing can transport us to another world” (Tydell 1). Rittenberg transports you and makes you feel like you actually in his shoes at the point and time he’s describing. He does this by giving sensory information like sight and sound for example when he says “As I lay on the living room couch, eavesdropping on their conversation, starting to worry about the future my father was describing, I found myself looking at some old family photos. There was a picture of my grandfather in his Citadel uniform”. Here he tells you what he’s doing, hearing, and seeing. This thus allows you to imagine being there imagining what your hearing think how the pictures look and etc. By doing this he can do much more then put in his shoes however. He can also portray strong emotion to for example “whenever I 've had a lousy day, my dad would put his arm around me and promise me that "tomorrow will be a better day"”. This helps you imagine the feeling like you to were having the same experience as you were reading it. Once reading and paying attention to these this technique readers could use them in their essay to keep people feeling like they’re not just reading some random essay about someone else but are reading an essay about themselves or at least something that they could relate to because they feel the same emotions as the

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