Narrative Essay About Remix Project

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Remix Project Essay I had a difficult time creating my remix project. My first challenge was figuring out what to make. I wanted to enjoy creating this project and make something interesting. I haven't been able to sew since starting college and I was craving the feel of fabric in my hands and the sound of my rumbling sewing machine in my ears. I knew I wanted to do something with sewing but deciding what essay to create a project for was tricky. I didn’t want to focus on my disciplinary literacy project because I had a stronger connection to my learning narrative and cultural artifact essays. I finally chose to focus on my learning narrative essay about building my garden because the idea of a garden quilt formed in my mind as I was rereading …show more content…
First, had to decide on the size. I wanted it to be big enough to work with but small enough that I would have time to complete it. I decided on a three foot by two foot quilt because we have square foot tiles in the kitchen where I was playing out my quilt and I could lay down pattern pieces on the floor to approximate the size. After deciding on the size I needed to cut pattern pieces. There is no readymade pattern for building a garden quilt so I used google to find some black and white images of vegetables that I printed out for the pattern and I drew the garden box. After getting my pattern ready I had to go to Joann Fabrics to get supplies. I stuck to basic colors because they were readily available in the fabric I wanted. When putting together the quilt I used a very basic design. I wanted people to be able to see what I created and not get overwhelmed with lots of colors and images. As I was cutting out all my individual pieces and laying them out before I sewed them down I realized my quilt looked crowded. I had put three corn stocks in the background hoping to fill in the space and make the garden look larger. Three corn stocks where to many. It overcrowded the quilt so I decided to remove one making the fabric image clearer. One of the last revisions I made to my quilt was deciding to add a border. The quilt would have appeared fine without a border but I felt it

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