Crompton Greeaves Essay

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crompton greaves limitedWipo Limited | MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING | ASSIGNMENT 03 | |


1. Vision/Mission statement of the Company’s Promoters and their management philosophy. Vision Statement

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Crompton Greaves’ Management philosophy is enshrined through the following facets of Governance :

| Crompton Greaves’ Values
Values are the core of any sustainable Organization and the driving force for its people at all levels. The ideology for CG`s businesses emanates from its 5 Values of Performance Excellence; Leading Edge Knowledge; Nurturance; Customer Orientation and Intellectual Honesty. These Values articulate the basic behaviours that every employee is expected to display in business situations and these form the core principles for all actions. CG thrusts upon each employee to be aware of and practice the CG Values, and behave in accordance with the letter as well as the spirit of CG Values. Crompton Greaves’ Code of Business Practices
The CG Code of Business Practices has been conceptualized considering CG`s multi segment and transnational culture, as well as the need to respect the cultures of all companies in the CG fold. The Code strives to provide guiding principles in various business situations and is the lighthouse for decision making and actions, with integrity and discipline. This Code also aims to minimize adverse consequences due to ambiguity, for CG and every employee. | | |

Board of Directors CG’s Board of Directors consists pre-dominantly of Independent Directors and stands

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