Critical Thinking Vs Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking is the process of using logic to sort through all the information we have on any particular subject, and to choose the best solution based on that information. This solution can be for anything, from what school to go to, how to apply your time, who is telling the truth if two people tell you different stories, who’s politics are the best politics, etc. Critical thinking is taking what people tell us and using our God given logic to decide for ourselves what is true and what is false. Everyone’s logic and critical thinking are different, thus, it is not something you can teach like maths or the sciences. However, what can be taught is the different aspects to critical thought, such as fallacies and being able to recognize an argument. When someone learns most of these critical elements to logical thinking, then that someone would be able to use their own critical thinking thought process to come up with their own conclusion; no one tell them the “correct” answer. Critical thinking is the yang to our more emotional yin, so everyone uses critical thinking to some degree at least, but many do not actively use it in our every day life, and most likely use a good mix of emotion and more mechanical logic based …show more content…
It also does not guarantee that the creative person is a creative thinker, and same with a critical thinker being creative and emotional. The two are independent of one another, I like to believe that I have been using critical thinking for a large part of my life starting with school. School requires students to access their critical thought if they want to do well, and I have always tried to be a good student. While my use of critical thought in school may not have been very practical, it did help me develop skills of piecing together solutions with given information, something very useful for adult

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