Essay Critical Thinking--Responsibity of Accident

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Table saw accidents are more common than the average person would think. According to Table Saw Accident Stories and Statistics, 95% of the accidents are hand, arm, wrist and finger injuries and 5% are eye, face, trunk, and leg with persons between the ages of 15-64. Three important issues stand out when it come to the operation of table saws in the work place and in the home; safety, training and equipment conditions. Mr. John Schmidt was injured on June 7; he seriously injured his hand while pushing a large piece of wood through a table saw in the production shop at work. Who is at fault here, the company or Mr. John Schmidt? Problems to be examined are the functioning of the safety guards presently on the table saw being used in the …show more content…
If any new incidents or concerns arise the handbook and policies should help prevent the employee from suing the company.
Lastly, it is very important that the table saw and other equipment is operating properly and inspected on a regular basis and in good running condition. If any employee mentions that the equipment is faulty it needs to be inspected and fixed/replaced in a timely manner to avoid accidents. The company may need to look into updating the table saw and other equipment with the latest safety mechanisms. . Many manufactures equip their saws with guarding, instructions, warnings, and recommendations for personal protective equipment (“PPE”). Some saws provide additional safeguard known as flesh sensing technology or “sawstop”; provides enhanced safety shutting the saws rotation down almost immediately. If the saw is equipped with flesh sensing technology it will save a person from full amputation of a limb and maybe even just a small nick.
Once an accident has happened in the company the best thing to do is contact the appropriate medical or legal authorities to handle the incident. Reporting the incidents in a timely manner will help resolve the issue faster. It is very important to have measures in place such as safety, training and good equipment when it comes to the operation of a good company. In order to have options when work place accidents happen ,the company must make sure to cover as many

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