Critical Thinking Caps Worksheet Essay

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Questions for Critical Thinking Caps Worksheet
Read the description of the six caps and the “Case Study for Six Caps” on p. 175 of Professional Nursing. Answer the following questions individually. Then, discuss your answers in your Learning Team forum online. After you have discussed each question and achieved a consensus, compile a group response, which will be submitted as a Learning Team assignment.

White cap:
What pieces of information are needed to assist the family in making a decision regarding Marianne’s care?

For the family to make a decision regarding Marianne’s care, they need “knowledge about the probability and nature of consequences attending various courses of action,” and expertise and special knowledge from the
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68). Nurses need to be aware of the patients right’s and nurses responsibilities toward them (Prema, 2007). In caring for patients and families “the registered nurse integrates ethical provisions in all areas of practice” (ANA, 2004, p. 39). Integrating the Nurse Practice Act to patient and families may include teaching and counseling when faced with a difficult medical situation. Statement one of the Code of Nursing states, "The nurse provides services with respect to human dignity and the uniqueness of the client unrestricted by considerations of social or economic status, personal attributes, or the nature of health problems” (Thompson, 1998, para. 4). According to Thompson (1998), the nurse has the responsibility to involve the client in the decision making process of his or her care, and the clients’ decision should be respected and upheld regardless of the nurse’s beliefs. A client is defined as the patent and the patient’s family. Because the patient cannot speak for herself in this case, the family is involved in the discussion of the patients care. Consequently, “According to the nursing code of ethics, the nurse’s first allegiance is to the client” (Blais & Hayes, 2011, p. 60). Nurses can integrate the concepts found within the American Nurses Association’s (ANA) Code of Nursing Ethics by maintaining patient confidentiality within legal and regulatory parameters, serving as a

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