Critical Thinking Application Essay

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Critical Thinking Application Paper

Think deeply! Think and keep thinking. Still, not everyone who thinks or thinks deeply is actually critical thinking. You can be highly intelligent or have vast knowledge but that doesn’t mean that you can think critically. Using intelligence and knowledge to reach one’s rationale viewpoint and objective in what a critical thinker does. The opinions and beliefs of a critical thinker stand on firmer ground. Better decisions and problems solving are more credible and supported by reasons and facts instead of false information and statements.
According to Paul and Elder (2006), “Critical thinking is that mode of thinking—about any subject, content, or problem—in which the thinker
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One has to be humble enough admit and accept the fact that one’s egocentrism. One's biases and prejudices must be kept at bay so not to influence or cloud one's viewpoint. Intellectual humility is also the acknowledgement of the limit of knowledge that one has. An individual should not claim to know more than what he or she really knows to avoid intellectual arrogance to take form.
Furthermore, a critical thinker must be a free thinker, an independent mind that resists social pressure to conform to majority point of view. Depending on how that individual was brought up, the free mind set may prove to be very difficult. To separate and to be independent thinker requires a higher commitment to give up some important aspect of one’s traditional life in order to explore higher intellectual thinking. Some individuals may find it impossible to depart themselves from their past social life that was already imprinted in them.
Finally, a critical thinker must be motivated to improve his understanding and be curious about issues that need to be investigated. The individual is willing to work hard and put efforts to overcome laziness. Issues that are complicated must be understood before any judgment is made.

Recognize & Avoid Critical Thinking Hindrances
Recognizing and avoiding hindrances is difficult to avoid in today’s society since individuals are exposed to media, TV, and the internet. But critical thinker will overcome and

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