Credo Beliefs Essay

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A credo is known as a statement of beliefs that help guide people's actions in life. In the world today, there are many beliefs that are passed down from generation to generation or made up by a person. It guides a person's life and helps them think about what is right or wrong. Each person is inspired by their own belief or credo and it overlaps into their life and judgments. Like some people my beliefs were formed around what my parents believed and they taught me to treat others how I want to be treated, to do my best, and to not care what others think.
The first credo that I hold in high regard in my life is to treat others how I want to be treated. Growing up, my parents made sure to drill into me that this is an important belief to follow.
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When I was young I had a sensory disorder and would only wear certain clothes or in some cases one outfit. I had a certain outfit at the time that I liked the feel of and would wear it every day. My mother would wash it every night so I could wear it again the next day until I wanted to wear something else. This is when the kids in my class started to wonder and ask why I was wearing the same clothes again. It made me upset because some of them would say that I was wearing dirty clothes and must not have anything else. I told my mother about what was happening and she told me not to care what others think that it only mattered what I thought. I took it to heart and when the kids would I ask I would just tell them I like the outfit and leave it at that. I found that as long as I listen to myself and did not care about what the others said I was a lot happier with my life.
These are the credos that have helped me to shape my life for the future. The Credos have shaped my mind and opinions giving me a different view of the world than others. I believe my credos to treat others how I want to be treated, to do my best, and to not care what others think are important ones to follow. They have shaped my outlook on life and how I make a decision. The Credos or belief are what shape the view of the

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