Same Kind Of Different As Me By Ron Hall And Denver Moore

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Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore, is about two different kinds of lifestyles between a black man and a white Texan man in which each man faces couple of life lessons or some kind of disappointment. Each main character faces obstacles in their lives in which they have to overcome them. It also tells how their relationship started building up towards the end of the story and how together they began planning future projects that helped homeless individuals. This book is about racism, poverty, cruelty, faith and redemption.
Denver grew up poor and a slave in Red River, Louisiana. He experienced an era of racisms and poverty for black people as a child. He was raised by his grandparents along with his older brother
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When I was little, I was raised by a single mother, which meant I wouldn’t see my mother that often because she was often working. She had to maintain five children and my father was never there to help my mother out. With a salary of eight dollars an hour, my mother had barely enough money to pay for all the utilities needed at home. Due to that, my sibling and I had very few clothes and toys for us, since we were a lot of children. My mother would safe my oldest sister’s better clothes and then gave the hand-me-downs to sister that best fit in them. Sometimes we would go on yard sales to look for clothes, and of course my siblings and I were happy because we were getting “new clothes.” Even though we knew the clothes were second hand, we would still get excited because it was bought to us and was not previously own by one of the older sibling. Sometimes, if we were lucky enough my mother would take us to Wal-Mart to buy us two or three pairs of clothes for each of us. When it was back to school time, I would always get jealous to see my friends wearing new school uniforms to school, while I was still wearing last year’s garments. I remember feeling extremely embarrassed for the fact that that mu clothes was not new. In a way, I felt out of place just like Ron did when he was on his date at the football game because I would see my classmates with new clothes and because they would sometimes made fun of me for not …show more content…
The same thing happen to several cousins from my mothers’ side of the family. In one occasion my cousins did not had enough money to pay for the rent. The owner of the apartment told them that they had three days to pay out or he was going to kick them out. They live in Mexicali, across the international border, so the minimum wage is not that high. Two of my three cousins were working at the time, so they barely made it to pay for the rent and their utilities. Two of them were pregnant and one of them already had one child. One of my pregnant cousins and the non-pregnant one were the ones working in order to maintain the whole family. As soon the owner of the house told them he was going to kick them out they started looking for another place to live in. Fortunately, they did found a small house, but it did not last much. One night while they were asleep there was a fire shock inside the house and unfortunately that fire shock turn into a big fire. Consequently, the house began burning. They were able to get the family out without any major injuries, but the whole house burnt to ashes. They felt hopeless and out of place because they had nowhere to live in. My cousins’ situation is very similar to that of Denver’s when he lost everything when the fire accident happened. And just like Denver, my cousins were living short amount of time at

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