Creating a Plan for Positive Influence Essay

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Creating a Plan for Positive Influence


Johnny Morris
September 29, 2010
Creating a Plan for Positive Influence You can help leaders achieve positive change in behavior in three ways. One way is gree on one desired behavior to change—one that will make the biggest positive change in leadership effectiveness. Pick only one or two areas. Leaders can’t be expected to change behavior if they don’t know what desired behavior looks like. The second way is determine who should weigh in (six months later) on whether change has occurred. By agreeing on the desired behaviors and key stakeholders, you ensure buy-in to the process. The third way is to make “feedforward” suggestions on how to improve targeted areas. Keep
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My values reflect what I think is important; there are no right or wrong values. For this part, I can only speak for myself; the first two terminal values most important to me are happiness; satisfaction in life and self-respect. The most important to me is that I am in a place (mentally) in which I am satisfied with my life and I have respect for self. The instrumental values are self-sufficiency; independence, and dependability; being counted upon by others. The most important of these values is that I value my self-sufficiency. I do not want to have to depend on others for support. The one thing I pride myself on is that I am the kind of person that someone can depend on; I am a “man of my word,” so-to-speak. I may not have worldly riches or be the smartest person in the world, but my word is my word. If you do not have that, you have nothing---that is the way I was brought up. The assessment on “How Involved am I in my Job?” Angel scored a 30, Shellaree scored a 20, and I scored 33. Scores above 40 indicate a high involvement in the job and scores below 25 indicate a low involvement. The Analysis and Interpretation did not offer details about the low involvement scores. On the “How Satisfied am I with my Job?” category, I scored 61, Shellaree scored 42, which represents her not being satisfied with her current

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