Creating A Mood Board Essay

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Creating a mood board

creating a strong mood board, helps fashion designers gather inspiration for their collections.Designers don 't typically come up with ideas for clothing lines off the top of their heads there is a thought process that has to go behind the general idea. Designers pull together inspiration from life and images around them to create their designs. A mood board is typically a combination of images, fonts, colors, and textures that define the style of a designer 's ideas. It is a tool for designers to physically interpret what their next design aesthetic will be. Mood boards come in many forms and are sometimes might even be called something different depending on the industry that a certain designer is in.
When creating a mood board, one should have a general idea of the theme that they want to portray. Mood boards are used to help manifest ideas for future design ideas. When doing research on the images it is best to stay away from high fashion imagery. Using fashion images can be ok but it is best to use very few. When creating your mood board, you 're supposed to be drawing your own inspiration from images that hold specific qualities; such as shape,texture or color. Using these kinds of images allows for a larger range of creative thinking. Color plays an important role in your mood, and thus should be obvious when looking at your entire mood board. The color palette should definitely be defined through the imagery you’re using. If you have a…

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