Course Expectations Contract For Educ 303 Essay

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Course Expectations Contract for EDUC 303
This course is designed to focus on observation of young children with special needs, including techniques for recording observations and using them to inform instruction and parents. The course offers the foundations of early childhood education along with pioneers in the special education field as the base for child development. Policies and practices, early and current are examined along with assessment planning and screening processes, intervention practices, teaching strategies and reflection. Further, the student candidate will gain knowledge of the components needed to create an environment that supports all children’s learning, teaching strategies and adaptations. Student candidates will engage in child study observations and develop two child case studies, conduct a parent interview. Thirty observation hours are included within the course._________ Initial
Students need to read the syllabus in its entirety and submit questions via the Message Center on Blackboard. ____Initial
Assignments/Class Participation Activities/Tests/Journal Entries/Discussion Board Forums
Students are expected to complete all assignments, discussion board forums, journal entries and tests by the designated due date. All assignments will be submitted via Blackboard in the appropriate assignment link. Late assignment submissions will not be accepted. Students should read the assignment submission guidelines before submitting any assignments to ensure…

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