Counter Terrorism Strategy Against The Isis / Isil Essay

1809 Words Nov 26th, 2016 8 Pages
Counter terrorism strategy against the ISIS/ISIL, I like make some recommendation that can prevent our society from the further destruction. In this typical issue, the U.S. strategy should focus on collective action, basically with nation states, peace leaders, multi-national organizations, and the United Nations. First, we should realize the fact that how ISIS has emerged. People joined the group because they were unhappy with the U.S. intervention in Iraq. They felt themselves as politically depressed by Shia majority, eventually they want to get back the power. However, it is more complex in recent days, because their goals are reformed. ISIS/ISIL want to create a caliphate, which is a very complicated idea in twenty first century. Our intervention strategy should be determined by the recent scenario, and all international community should stand in one place to intervene with these current terrorist organizations. Daniel suggests, building up the defense and governance capabilities of states such as Iraq and Yemen could help them fight jihadists, either alone or with U.S. assistance. Our first priority should focus on good governance in these regions, so that people can trust their national leaders, and they can deal with terrorism. Second, these terrorist organizations are well known about U.S. military strategies, and programs. The United States and its allies should understand these facts, when they make any intervention against the terrorism. Furthermore, it is a time…

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