Should Extremist Groups Be Banned

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So there has been a lot of questions about should extremist groups be banned. Extremist groups have been around for a long time and they do not seem going anywhere anytime soon. My idea evolved when I was watching the news and a group called ISIS attacked France. This issue has caused a lot of problems in America and all around the world. There is an extremist group called ISIS and they are a terrorist group that is going around and killing innocent amounts of people.

My place on the issue is that we need to work together to help secure our countries ' safety and to make sure our people are working together not against each other. I do not agree with any extremist group. They all are just out for blood and non have the right reason to protest against anyone. My conviction is that we should get a law that if you are in an extremist group that is a part of a criminal act then you deserve punishment as a domestic terrorist.

This issue interests me due to the fact that I would like to help stop this problem by bringing America together to stop outside and domestic terrorism. The issue with extremist groups is that they do not peacefully protest, they all end up turning into a riot which then forces the
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With the attacks happening around the world and the extremist groups claiming the attacks, we need to find a way to stop them and prevent from attacks happening again and again (L. (2015, January 23). How Do We Stop Terrorism?). There are many ways to prevent this and some are We need to close some bases around the middle east and pull some troops out (Benjamin, M. (n.d.). 10 Ways to Reduce the Threat of Terrorist Attacks on Americans). Also we need to sit down and talk with the Taliban and extremist group leaders to form an agreement. Also other effective ways would be to stop supporting

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