Radical Islam Vs. The World : A Historical Prescription For How The West Will Win

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ake Guerrero
Ms. Kukay
GSW 1120
Dec. 3, 2015
Radical Islam vs. The World: A Historical Prescription for How the West Will Win
Around the world, Islamic Fundamentalism, or Radical Islam, is growing in numbers and influence. By definition, Radical Islam is a “militant, politically activist ideology whose ultimate goal is to create a worldwide community, or caliphate, of Muslim believers.” (ESTES par. 1). This ideology is in direct conflict with Western, and other, belief systems around the world. The concurrent rise of terrorism perpetrated by these radicals is largely being carried out by a group known as “ISIS.” This expansive, growing sect of radicals and their horrific acts have failed to garner sufficient, sustained attention from the West, notwithstanding the massive persecution, torture and murder of ethnic, religious and other groups taking place in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere. The inattentive and dismissive attitude of the West towards this threat can be compared to the sentiment existing prior to World War Two, when somewhat similar radicalism and terror faced the Jews and other groups in Europe. As history shows, a swift, harsh military response will be necessary to ensure a decisive victory against Radical Islam in key terrorist hot spots.
Germany’s strife after World War One set the stage for radicalism and inhumanity similar to what is being witnessed today with Islamic Fundamentalism. While the German people really did not believe they were at fault for…

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